In spite the growing inroads of democracy since the turn of the millennium and the resultant rising awareness for human rights and rule of law, security challenges are increasing worldwide retrograding the pace of peace, safety and development expectations to human societies in geometric portions. This problem has been traced to opportunities of advancement in human intellect and technology, the vagaries of climate change, environmental degradation, over population and urbanization. The expansion of the civic space and the abuse of democratization in poor governance are further throwing up complex manifestations and typologies of insecurities. Dealing with the myriad and hydra-headed threats to local, regional and global insecurities is increasingly becoming intellect dependent, because of it multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary and multi-tracked approaches to complex multi-layered management systems of local, regional and global tiers of cooperation and collaborations. Security sector governance is the system around which governmental and non-governmental sector coalesce by building synergies across the strategic spectrum. WISER’s commitment is to provide a world-class non-government Center of Excellence for building essential leadership, as well as generating matching intellection solutions to feed the complex processes of modern security sector governance delivery.

‘We welcome you to know who were are, what we do and our aspirations.’

The WISER Experience


WISER commits to the remediation of the identified gap by providing a uniquely designed multi-sectoral Africa-centric curriculum with an international flavour and provide a veritable Information Technology driven academic environment for training and research. The curriculum will be addressed to both regional and nation specific scenarios of security and development challenges on the continent.

Our Vision

To become an influential global strategic security governance

knowledge-base in Africa.

Our Mission

To deliver uniquely designed Africa-centric executive education

programmes for effective security governance.

Our Management

WISER is to be managed by a reputable board of governors, an academic advisory board and administrative management headed by the President and Founder, anda rich faculty made up of local and international statesmen and women, academics and technocrats.

Strategy Education

Strategy Education is the building block for the institution that aims at informing and brain storming on innovative ways to tackle strategic security challenges within Africa in a global context. It will seek to inculcate to its students the importance of planning and successful implementation in the governance of a state and the promotion of best practices by collaborating with researchers and practitioners.


In a world that is fast paced and being swallowed up by technological advancements, research could not be more timely to contribute effectively to accurate world data. WISER seeks to advance independent or bespoke defense and security strategic intellectual solutions as well as provide material and expertise for strategy concept formulation, planning and development.

Our Methodology

WISER programmes are delivered through quarterly scheduled, as well as bespoke training and research, delivered through single or partnership arrangements.

Our Focus Areas

Our Aspiration

WISER aspires to transform into a post-graduate defense and security degree awarding institution by 2025, collaborating with an international university.

  • – National Security Strategy Development and Implementation.
  • – National Security Architecture.
  • – Security Sector Reforms and Transformation.
  • – African Regional Security Studies.
  • – Higher Defense Management.
  • – Defense Procurement Planning and Administration.
  • Transparency and Accountability in the Defense and Security Sector.
  • Democratic Security Sector Governance.
  • – Radicalization and Violent Extremism.
  • – Gender in Peace and Security.
  • – National Disaster Response Management.
  • – Policing and Police Administration.
  • – Maritime Security Management.
  • – Border Control and Defense Management.
  • – Aviation Safety and Security.
  • – Critical Thinking and Strategic Planning.
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